KTT Company was founded in 1982 by a group of Engineers, therefore, the company has 18 years of  experience in planning, coordination and implementation of projects with highly qualified people. The Company was then registered with the Government of Pakistan Department of Export & Import, Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industrie, the name is also known as KTT Company.

The  Company has been successful in concluding  various projects of significance The Company has been since then committed to provide the best services and be in good business collaboration with many companies involved in  manifold businesses. The Company has worked toward providing satisfactory results in projects it has  worked for. The Company and its staff are ever committed to provide the best results possible in various projects it concludes to all the parties involved.

Our Associate firm M/S. SKM Associates in which our Chief Executive is also a Director is holding prime land with approved Housing Project from Lahore Development authority near Lahore Town Ship for  Housing & Development Project