Glassic Products

Glassic (SMC-Pvt) Limited was established in 2018. Our journey started with the inspiration of using Glass as the preferred packaging material for receptacles. We wanted to provide better quality products than the ones presently available in most stores’ aisles. Unfortunately, glass manufacturing is still quite limited in Pakistan and we had to source them from abroad. This led us to work on one of the best resource available to us indigenously, i.e Pink Rock Salt. We are now one of the fastest growing suppliers of Premium Quality Pure Himalayan Pink Salt.

We carefully source our Pink Salt from the mines of the Salt Range Region of Pakistan. We take special care at each and every step of bringing the Purest Salt in the world to you. We ensure that our Pink Rock Salt remains Fresh, Pure and Completely Uncontaminated as it reaches you. So you can be certain that our Pink Rock Salt is 100% Authentic, Pure and Natural.  

We look forward to bringing out the best quality products and enriching lives around the world.

Choose the best. Choose Glassic!

Because, We Care!

Glassic Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Packing
Glassic Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps