Consultancy Services

KTT Company and Industrial Engineering Services can also provide Consultant Services for all types of   projects, engineering, financial modeling and arrange through the foreign consultant following tasks:

  1. Project management
  2. Site supervision and setting up projects
  3. Planning of industrial plants
  4. Civil engineering, infrastructure and disposal
  5. Training of personnel
  6. Quality management
  7. Turn key construction & installation
  8. Supply and assembly of equipment, machinery and plants
  9. Consulting in project financing and joint venture
  10. Procurement of technology, know-how and licenses.

Consultancy services can also be arranged through foreign, highly qualified and experienced firms from Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Japan and South East Asia .


Turn Key with Financing  on Projects

Turn Key Projects can be arranged on B.O.T  (Built. Operate & Transfer), B.O.O (Built Operate and Own)   basis . Beside with 100 % financing. We can also arranged an low interest loans as subsidies from European Union for preparation of detailed    Feasibility Study for any major projects like Hydro Power, Petrochemical (Oil refinery) Chemical Plants on   pesticide & Insecticide etc, from Europe. If the Feasibility Study does not recommend the establishment of  project then the Loans are not to be re-paid.

General Business Supplies

KTT Company is organised to provide all kind of general supplies and spare parts to heavy industries and   the general order supplies for all kind of industrial equipment; activity is as under;

Plants & Machinery

  1. Heavy machinery , Earth Moving machinery, like Dozer, Dump trucks of all sizes 20, 30, 40, 50 tonne, Excavators, Shovel, Wheel Excavators, Fork Lifts etc
  2. All kind of related spares for heavy machinery
  3. Supply of automobiles and all kind of automobile spare parts including tyres of all sizes, batteries and general spares
  4. Turbines and related spare parts for sugar industry


  1. All kind of industrial chemicals
  2. Free Flow for heavy fuel, Ion Sticks for removing slug dispersent
  3. Solvent Oil, Xyelene, MEK, Butyle etc

 Textile & Paper Industry

  1. Deal in all kind of textile & pulp & Paper Board industrial spare parts
  2. Dealing in supply of cement paper bags plants and craft papers for cement paper bag

 Power Projects

  1. Deals in all kind of Motors including heavy industrial motors and safety devices for motors and air conditioners
  2. Turbines & Generators
  3. Turn key Electrical plants and diesel generators from ESSAR, India and DSD Germany
  4. Energy savers

 Railways & Traffic Signals

  1. Deal in supply of Oil tank Wagons & Air Brakes all kind of spares for Railways including Railways signaling system & microwave stations
  2. Local traffic Signals for general traffic


  1. Deal in supply of all kind of telecommunication equipment from Europe, South East Japan
  2. VHF & UHF sets for telecommunication, Diaelectric cables etc.
  3. All kind of wire for telecommunication & electrical wire from Korea

Construction Projects

KTT with the association of Korean firms is pre-qualified for Sialkot Airport Project and National Highway   Authority project and can arranged through foreign firms a turn key project of any magnitude